Inauguration Tournament ' RULES '

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Inauguration Tournament ' RULES '

Post by Admin on 25.09.12 11:26

'Team Tournaments Rules'

- The tournaments take place in room / 289-290-291-292
- The registration must be done in the correct official from each player.
- By entering, each player agrees with the tournament rules,
- All games are played the tournament without a guide. If a player invites you to a tournament game, guided refuse.
- In case of a bad contact mouse button, the opponent may, as a sign of
fair play put the ball to its original position, but if you take
advantage of this situation, putting the ball in a location other than
the player loses the frame .
- If the organizers suspected,
discovered, or we are confident that the player or players that are
disturbing in the game have anything to do with one of the participating
teams, the team would be penalized according to the discomfort of his
friend might have caused.

Championship Account

- Each player has a chance to play in the tournament with just one account.
- Any player of the tournament is allowed to play with his ID registered tournament.
- The nickname of each player participant must show only ASCII characters.
- The player must play with the flag of his country.
- The player must play with your account logged until the tournament ends.
without proper flag display and / or recorded without his nickname.
ListenRead phonetically.
- In case of multiple accounts of a player must use only his highest consideration for the Championships.

Disqualifications or penalties:

- When the game starts, all the visitors of the game must stay is silence.
If a player has an objection, the match moderator must decide what to
do (In certain cases only the organizers can take a decision but the
moderator must provide all the available information to them).
- The use of guide programs is strictly forbidden. If such abuse is discovered you will be disqualified

Insulting the other player or the moderator is strictly forbidden. If
this happens the moderator may expel the insulting player from the
competition presenting the proofs to the organizers.
- Any player who
violates the fair play rules of the Mystery Hole Group room or the
GzWorld Forum, will be disqualified without any further explanation or
discussion from the tournament.
- In case of discovering account sharing (Between any gamezer player) in a tournament the disqualification is

- In case of discovering a higher account, the player will be automatically out of the championship.
ALL the points sanctions will be decreased to the sanctioned team only
but not added to the team that was playing against the sanctioned team
while the sanction took place .(Important)
- While playing, the only valid chat will be between the moderator/players of the match, and only for the next

*Wish good luck, say thanks, any symbol of fair-play (Only in the beginning and end of the match)
*Ask for fair-play (No complaints, only requests, since the fair play isn't obligatory)
*Ask for refreshing
*Ask for a sanction to the moderator (Only about fair-play)
*Score of the match
There must not be any insistence, if there's no answer from the other player and/or moderator this means a "NO" as answer.
Any text not related to the above situations and/or any smiley (Even 1)
from any player of the tournament in any match of the tournament, will
be considered as flood and will be penalized with [-1 Point] for the
author's team, there must be screen-shots in the "Disqualifications
& Sanctions" topic in the championship forum ,(Important).

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Re: Inauguration Tournament ' RULES '

Post by Admin on 25.09.12 11:46

Maches Rules:

1. The match can be played only on the next 36 hours after the beginning of the indicated date (All dates in GMT) .
2. The captain must post the list and hours of the players for the match at least 12 hours before the beginning of the indicated date (All dates in GMT) All hours from players should have a period ( Example: 01:00-03:00 GMT ) not only an specific hour ).
3. Captains will set the time to start the game (Of each couple) and post it at least 6 hours before the beginning of the indicated date (All dates in GMT).
3.1 If some captain doesn't post at time his matches but his players hours
are ready the another captain must set the remaining matches.
4. At the day of the match (In GMT) the captain can only change ONE player in case of emergency.
5. If some player doesn't appear to the game, it will be counted as lost .

If some player doesn't come at time, the countdown will start after 10
minutes of the starting hour. After those 10 minutes each 5 minutes will
mean 1 frame:

18:00 Time to start

18:10 Start the countdown

18:15 -> 1-0
18:20 -> 2-0
18:25 -> 3-0
18:30 -> 4-0
18:35 -> 5-0
18:40 -> 6-0

6. This tournament will be played in any public Room or by type (Previous agreed by both captains)
7. Under certain circumstances, like server problems, page problems or room
entrance problems, the game time can be changed by a deal of both
captains or by a decision of the organizers, captains must present in forum proofs of the problem.
8. In case of problems, occurring due to different continental time, and no
possibility to set a game time, the match date can be changed, by a
deal of both captains and the new date must be reasonable avoiding to
delay the tournament calendar.
9. In case of any other situation not written in this topic, the organizers will decide what proceeds.

-1 Disconnection (after 10 seconds = marked in history) = lost game 1 to the player that was disconnected ( very important)..
-2 Fair Play is a play clean, and in the event of a mouse escape, the other player must return the ball to the opponent put in place of origin.-(if the player who receives the ball back does not replace the ball in its place, this will be assessed by the moderators and therefore can be counted to point the opponent).
-3 If the player plays the ball on defense, the player's opponent is forced to play and cannot give toquinho behind the balls!
-(if the player does not try to exit the move that will be evaluated by the moderators and can be contact point to the opponent).


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