Request space for Latin teams.

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Request space for Latin teams.

Post by Oliver Cocozza Amesri on 21.09.12 20:13


Every team has their topic since the registration, created by the leader.

The topic must be updated with future changes.
If you have changes in team, captain must write a post about the change in the team:

  • New Players
  • Retired Players
  • Change of Leader
  • Deletion of the Team
  • Warning about bad use of Team name of Acronym
  • Request a forum or sub-forum.
  • others.

In team topic it is not allowed comments from other players, only the captain can write post there.
How to request a Forum for Team?

The leader of the team must post the next info in the topic of team:

1 Team description (max 160 characters)
2 Logo 200x56px .

If you need more than 1 forum you must post a structure with description and logos.

so that the space must be accepted that all players in the list submitted registered in the forum.


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